Rich text editor

Learn how using's rich text editor can help make your content highly functional and engaging features some of the most advanced functionality of any current learning managements systems to date. Combining natural digital writing elements with inine learning elements allows administrators to create highly functional learning content that is engaging.

Inline activity editor

Adding activities to your cards is simple, just select the '+' button from any line from the card. The activities you can use are:

- Forms (reflections, feedback etc)

- Checkboxes

- Upload (documents, images etc)

- Quizzes

- Logs (CPD, evidence logging etc)

Text formatting options

You can format any text by simply highlighting it to bring up the text formatting options. Text formatting is not too dissimilar to word processors you already use. Adding formatting to your learning resources will help make the content pop and in turn engage your learners. Like your word processor, you can also use keyboard commands like 'CTRL + B' to make text bold, or 'CTRL + Z' to undo text.

Media embeds

You can embed media types by selecting 'Link' from the activity drawer and pasting the link to the media. Some ideas to help you decide what to embed are:

  • Videos
  • PDF's
  • Slideshare
  • Learning games
  • Gamification

Image controls

You can align images to any way you like by selecting the image and choosing the alignment you like. You can also add links to your images to create custom buttons to match your organisations branding.

Tip: Now you know how to make your content rich and engaging using's intuitive learning editor.

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