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Drives personal development!

Potentially is an exciting new online system that can help students drive their personal development

Gunter Saunders
Digital Engagement, University of Westminster

Really easy to use and engaging!

I have been using Potentially to deliver a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses online this year. Student engagement has been exceptional and it's saved me a tremendous amount of time in creating engaging online learning.

Dr. Carmen Morawetz
University of Innsbruck

Helps student reflection!

Potentially challenges our students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, perhaps for the first time. We see this early learning point as providing them with a stimulus for further personal growth.

Luke Millard
Head of Centre for Excellence, BCU

Career readiness affects all

Career readiness programmes are a powerful lever for universities to communicate to students that they need to take ownership of their professional development. With Potentially you can help your students bring their curricular and extra-curricular professional skills development together in one place.

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