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Help students and young professionals discover your tools and services
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Your channel into Education.

Reach hundreds of thousands professional learners, across hundreds of unis and colleges.


Your channel to students and young professionals

Grow adoption

Educate tomorrow’s professional on your tools and services

Do good

Contribute to a moreequitable workforce

Introduce your products and services to the next generation of professionals

Potentially works with universities and colleges around the world, who use our skills library to introduce students to fresh skills, and the latest tools and skills employers want.

By joining our Skills Partner programme you will reach.
Hundreds of thousands of students across hundreds of colleges and universities in the UK, US and Europe.
100% verified student audience

Your best new advocates

Students are the future workforce. When they enter the workforce, they advocate the tools and services they know.Through, you can reach this vital group of influencers early on. Enable young professionals to become evangelists for your products and services, by upskilling them on your tools.
Introduce students to enterprise software and offer exclusive discounts
Raise brand awareness
Young professionals take your tools and services into the workplace

Increase brand reach by giving young professionals skills that get them hired.

Contribute to a more equitable workforce

Students are keen to learn tools and skills that will distinguish them and get them hired. Universities can’t teach everything.

By becoming a Skills Partner you help bridge the skills gap. As Skills Partner, you support career readiness programmes at hundreds of universities, contributing to a more equitable future workforce.
Bring career readiness to all students
Increase job prospects of young people

How Skills Partners make a difference

Grow your brand with GenZ and embed yourself into the ultimate fast-adopter market

How it works


Become A Skills Partner

Get in touch and join the SkillsPartner programme
Work with us or add your own resources, events, skills awards, digital badges

Rolled out to partner universities

Your content will reach thousands of students
Receive regular updates about engagement with your content

Students engage

Track click-throughs
Offer discounts to a verified audience

What we are looking for...

Our university partners trust us to profile the best new tools, skills and companies for their young professionals. Populare categories include:

Fresh skills

Would knowing your products or services increase the job prospects of a young professional?
Example topics:
Productivity tools, CRM software, Design, Marketing, Data Science, e-commerce, video-editing, etc

New industries

Is your company rethinking your industry? Share what future career paths are emerging.
Example topics:
Sustainability, Metaverse, Blockchain, Circular economy, Med-tech, Gov-tech, Agro-tech, Nutri-tech, prop-tech, etc...

Stuff you wish you’d learned at uni

Help students discover tools that will increase their resilience and success in life.
Example topics:
Mental health, nutrition, finance, housing

Got something young professionals should know about?

You'll be in great company:
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Let’s work together!

How Skills Partners work with
Help students discover your products/services with a
Offer exclusive discounts for education users
Work with our Learning Team to create a bespoke campaign
Offer advanced certificate and accreditation
Use business challenges to engage top students
Sponsor a category or learning playlist
Sponsor a category or learning playlist
Integrate with your own e-learning platforms
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