Potentially Indicator

Discover your personality strengths

Potential.ly Indicator [pi] is a strength-finder designed to support personal development through a uniqueCore-Comfort-Stretch model.
Over 120,000 [pi] Indicators taken this year

Go on a journey of self-discoveryto unlock your Potential!

Get 4 [pi] visual reports to help you understand who you are and develop yourself.
Big-5 Personality Factors
Core-Comfort Stretch Model
Team-role preferences
Jungian Type Indicator

What makes you... you?

Potential.ly [pi] Indicator will help you understand who you are and why you do things the way you do.
What are your core strengths?
What is your comfort zone?
How can you become more effective at work and in teams?
Your Jungian personality type
The most interesting journey you can take, is a journey to discover yourself.

Personality Insight + Resources for PersonalDevelopment

[pi] Personality Indicator combines insight with practical next steps. Start working on becoming the person you want to be with free personal development resources.
Online reports with built-in guidance
Tested resources and programmes for self-paced personal development

[pi] Premium personal development experience for your Organisation

[pi] is used by leading organisations to help their members articulate strengths and identify personal development needs.
Support employees, mentees, students, professionals, job applicants
Branded portal
Premium resources including worksheets and exercises for 1:1 advice sessions and group exercises
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[pi] The Science of You.

Frequently asked questions

Tell me more about [pi]

[pi] Potential.ly Indicator was developed by Dr Norbert Morawetz at Henley Business School through a series of studies involving over 8,500 participants. The Potential.ly Indicator produces a 5 Factor Personality Inventory, Jungian types(MBTI) and Belbin teamroles from a single questionnaire.

Do I need training to take or administer [pi]?

[pi] has been designed to be intuitive and fully self-paced. Step-by-step guides help you understand key concepts, and visual charts support interpretation and personal development.

Can I retake [pi]?

[pi] saves your last results. Come back at any time, re-test and see how you changed.

How long is the [pi] test?

Completing [pi] takes approximately 15 -20 minutes. It’s a journey of self-discovery you will enjoy taking .

The first step to personal development is self awareness.

Learn more about your personality preferences, and how to leverage your strengths and stretch traits.
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