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Self-Assessments that give users personalized reports immediately upon completion.
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The assessment creator that turns your expertise into personalized advice at scale.


Easily make engagingSelf-Assessments

Instant Feedback

Upon completion, respondents instantly receive personalized feedback


Offer retakes and measure change

Immediate and Personalized Feedback

With Assessment Maker, you can provide each respondent with a personalized report immediately at the end of the assessment.

This feedback report is dynamically built based on their individual answers.
Self-assessment survey
Instant, personalised feedback report
PDF print report

Make feedback Actionable with instant next steps in your own member portal

Assessments can be embedded into any playlist This makes them an ideal starting point to point members to next steps, personalised to their results.
Seamless transition from Feedback Report to actionable next steps
Direct users to interactive resources, forms, videos, playlists, learning paths, events

Create delightful assessment and feedback experiences

Design engaging self-assessments and feedback reports with a simple and powerful editor. Take your audience on a journey of self-discovery they will enjoy.
Great user experience
Visual reports including charts
Fully mobile responsive
Your own branding

No coding. Easy-to-use. Fully branded.

Create highly engaging assessments and reports with a simple and intuitive editor.
Intuitive editor
Add your own brand colors and logos
Easy to customize
Your own branding, look and feel

Case studies

Learn more about the fantastic assessment experiences leading organisations are building with Assessment Maker.

Expert features: Retakes,Data exports, multi-factor, competency levels...

Looking for advanced features and custom integrations? Assessment Maker has you covered!
Allow users to retake surveys, and help them understand how they have changed.
Build complex assessments involving multiple factors in the same questionnaire.
Data exports
Export results to analyse them in third party tools.

Use Assessment Maker for...

Skills Audit
Situational Judgment Tests
Mental wellbeing & Resilience
Organisational Culture Fit
Career readiness
Needs Assessment
...and so much more!

Custom requirements?

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