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Empower active learning moments and assessment, with Potentially portfolio learning tools. Easy-to-use for students and instructors.
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Explore the Portfolio Learning toolkit

Easy-to-use toolkit for innovative learning and assessment strategies

Project-based learning with Potentially Playlists

Highly intuitve tool to support student projects for learning and assessment.

Embed portfolio assignments directly into your course

Embed portfolio assignments directly into your academic or professional development courses with a few simple clicks.

Project portfolios every learner can use

Intuitive editor any learner can use to document and showcase their project.

Interactive Portfolios

Let learners create rich-media and interactive portfolios. Students can embed media, presentations, documents, PDFs as well as third party tools such as Google or Microsoft Docs.

In additition, learners can add interactivity such as quizzes, logs, checkbox forms or file upload forms into their portfolio.

Reviewing and marking portfolios

Potentially includes a quickgrade tool that makes it easy to provide formative and summative feedback on portfolios.

If integrated with your LMS, feedback and marks are directly sent to your gradecentre.

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