Give people insight into themselves with self-report surveys

Potentially Diagnostics is the smart tool for making self-report surveys that automatically personalize feedback reports.
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Engaging self-report surveys + personalised feedback reports.

With Diagnostics you can design and deliver insightful self-evaluation questionnaires and feedback reports.

Creating the survey experience

Simple and powerful editor turns questionnaires into a journey of self-discovery the target audience will enjoy. Progress is automatically saved, so users can leave and return to the survey anytime.


Scoring logic: turning results into insight

In the logic section, you assign scores to questions and map them to the factors you want to evaluate.
This allows Diagnostics to automatically personalize feedback for every survey-taker.

Designing Interactive Feedback Reports

Feedback reports can contain charts, feedback text, but also rich media such as videos, sound files, documents and links to playlists.

Expert features: Create dynamic sections in your report, that show different users different feedback and resources based on their results


Re-test and measure
‘distance travelled’

Enable assessments to be retaken and help users understand their ‘distance travelled’ – how they have changed.

From self-evaluation to development

Recommend resources, workshops, events... personalised to every learner, based on their survey results.

Diagnostics are the perfect solution for…

Do you have special requirements? Our friendly team of learning designers and experts will be glad to assist you.

  • Skills and competency assessments
  • Psychometric tests
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Resilience and mental wellbeing surveys
  • Graduate attributes assessment
  • Career readiness assessment
  • Career interest diagnostics

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