AJ McCaw

Digital Experience Lead

As Digital Experience Lead, AJ connects the digital dots within Potential.ly to deliver better customer onboarding, faster processes and better performance. He is a strong people person and takes a great deal of pride and joy in guiding and upskilling others to work better together to improve themselves and their community. He has a keen eye for design and technology, and takes a strong interest in psychometrics (ENFJ, he is one of them… leading the way full of passion and charisma!) AJ studied IT & Business at the University of Hertfordshire and joined Team-Match which eventually evolved into Potential.ly in 2014.

He was a key motivator in joining the Wayra Accelerator Program and is a consistent out-of-the-box idea generator for moving forward strategically. On weekends, you can find AJ exploring London and checking out the latest blockbuster movies at the Cinema.

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