Awards and badges

Get the ins and outs of adding badges to resources and creating awards enables you to create a scalable, adaptable and flexible online award that fits the needs of your University. All aspects of an award can be run entirely online, and the award content is designed so that you can customise it to meet your University's specific needs. Automating your award online means that your employability team can save hundreds of hours of work and focus on other areas of their role

Adding goals and badges

To add goals and badges to your resource, select edit and then navigate to 'Goals' in the sidebar.

Completion requirements

Within the completion requirements, choose what resources contribute to the learning goal. These will be automatically calculated towards the goal and the badge.

Progress counter

The progress counter is the indicator a learner sees on the playlist. You can add a summary and configure the colour and how the counter is displayed to learners (number or percentage)


Finally the badge section allows you to choose an image for the badge as well as the name and description. When a learner earns their badge it can be displayed on their homepage is the element is enabled or on their folio.

Tip: Now you have setup your goals and badges and are ready to invite learners to start earning their badges.

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