We'll look at how to setup frameworks for your institution

If your institution has a framework we'll look at how you can link it to resources and how learners can access it on the platform.

To begin adding your framework select the settings icon in the navbar:

From settings navigate to 'Frameworks' under advanced settings.

Adding a new Framework

To add your framework select '+ New FRAMEWORK' and add the name of your framework. You can the add the tags of the framework and specify the competency levels. When your framework is ready toggle the framework to 'on'.

Displaying the framework on the homepage

If you want learners to see the framework and their progress towards it select 'Edit Page' and hover over the section your would like to add the framework tracker to. Select the '+' icon and then select automation. Add the framework tracker automation to dynamically displays users’ progress against selected framework.

Tagging learning resources towards a framework

To add a playlist or learning card to a framework, navigate to 'Publish to audience'. Under 'Tags' choose the framework and the appropriate attributes to add to the playlist and then publish.

Tip: Now you have setup your organisation's framework and are ready to publish to learners on the platform.

Feel free to reach out to us in case you have questions or need assistance.

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