Video is everywhere today.

If you want to get the message across, make a video! But while recording media is easier than ever, turning your recording into a professional video with great titles, music and structure still requires a fair amount of craft.

This is where inVideo comes in!InVideo is the leading online video editor designed to make it easy for anyone to make videos online. Packed with a massive library of over 5000 templates, music and media files, InVideo makes it easy to get your videos out in no time – formatted for the most common online platforms.

Beloved by consumers and digital agencies alike, is excited to welcome InVideo to our Higher Education Skills Partnership programme. The partnership includes InVideo sharing some of their most popular short How-to videos on making stunning videos with learners on, as well as an exclusive discount for learners for their premium offering.

Link to Partner: InVideo

June 23, 2022
Skills Partner

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