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Saves you time over and over again! Easy-to-use course creator every lecturer should use. Makes your course easy to follow and interactive, while saving you tremendous time and effort in administration

Simplifies course creation.

Works out of the box or in your LMS, with
minimal setup.

Saves you time over and over again.


Career empowerment makes the difference!

Intuitive career readiness platform and resources. Design and deliver highly engaging career readiness journeys for all students.

Build your own Skills Award

Employability resources

Track and report


Self-report surveys & feedback reports

Design and deliver insightful self-evaluation questionnaires and feedback reports, that recommend resources based on results.

5 star survey experience.

Feedback reports

Track and report

[pi] Personality and Strength Assessment

Discover your Strengths
with the [pi] Potentially

Potentially Indicator [pi] is a smart personality discovery tool spe- cifically designed for personal development.
Building on the scientific Five Factor Model, [pi] helps students understand their Core, Comfort and Stretch traits, team role preferences and Jungian type - all from a single questionnaire.

We integrate with your LMS and other tools. works with the tools you already use. Connect to hundreds of your favorite apps and services, or access your content programmatically with our robust API.

Easy-to-use tools to design and deliver
innovative learning and assessment


Drives personal development! is an exciting new online system that can help students drive their personal development

Gunter Saunders
Digital Engagement, University of Westminster

Really easy to use and engaging!

I have been using to deliver a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses online this year. Student engagement has been exceptional and it's saved me a tremendous amount of time in creating engaging online learning.

Dr. Carmen Morawetz
University of Innsbruck

Helps student reflection!

Potentially challenges our students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, perhaps for the first time. We see this early learning point as providing them with a stimulus for further personal growth.

Luke Millard
Head of Centre for Excellence, BCU

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