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Faster and more reusable course creation in your LMS.

The tool every lecturer should use. Saves you time, over and over again! Works with your Learning Management System, or on its own
Loved by makers of great learning experiences.
Works with your learning management system or on it's own.
Project-based learning

Happy course creation

Essential tool for anyone preparing course materials online.

Organise your materials into a course path that is easy to follow.

Neatly organise your materials and sessions into a visual course path that is easy to follow.

Easily re-use and port your course for next time

Easily re-use any element of your course in any other course.

Update an element in one place, and it updates everywhere.

Reuse across different learning managment systems and even institutions.

Make learning, not file folders

Cards make it simple to organise materials into digestable learning.

Add text, presentations, Pdfs, videos, youtube, images... cards make your materials look great.

Let’s add a Schprinkle of Interactivity!

Make Cards interactive by adding reflection forms, quizzes, portfolios, logs, file upload forms, Google Docs, Typeforms, Padlets, Genially, H5P, Office 365, Airtables...

Save time in instructing students

Learners complete activities directly on cards and don’t get lost.
Cut down on time spent answering students support requests.

Nudge! Nudge! Nudge!

What’s next? Your learners always know. Automatic checks guide them along.
How are your learners progressing? You can see progress overview at any time.

Works with your LMS or on its own

Publish your course and simply invite learners.
Or get Potentially for your organisation, and launch directly from your LMS.

Join thousands of teaching professionals feeling excited about course creation again

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