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Folio - The Personal Learning Space

Folio - Personal Learning Environment
Personal learning portfolio space for every learner, built into Potentially
Folio, your personal learning space includes...
Folio - your learning space

Helps learners keep track of all their activities, achievements, playlists, Moments and badges

Personal playlists

Allows learners to create playlists for their own personal projects.


Allows learners to share Moments and personal paylists with the organisation and the public.

Keep your learning record, even if they leave the organisation and access free skills development content.

Loved by makers of great learning experiences.
Works with your learning management system or on it's own.

folio: Personal learning space for every learner

Every learner on Potentially gets their own ‘folio’ - a personal learning space that
automatically collects all their activity, achievements, badges and Moments conveniently in one place.

Learning happens everywhere -
with Moments you can capture it

The Moments functionality helps learners capture learning wherever and whenver it occurs. Whether it is a work-based learning experience, a project, a reflections on an experience, or an article or a youtube video - Moments make it easy to add learning experiences to the Folio and make it count against institutional frameworks.

Make and share personal playlists

Folio also allows learner to create their own personal playlists and share them with others in your organisation or outside.

Folio is yours to keep, wherever life takes you

With folio, the learner owns their learning and progress. Folio can be connected to a
personal email address, meaning learner can take their digital learning record with them, even if they leave the organisation.

The flexible record for Continous Professional Development

Folio and Moments can be embedded into learning programmes in multiple ways. They provide a flexible and highly user friendly way for organisation to design and deliver highly flexible and personalized development pro- grammes.

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