Innovative learning and assessment

Empowering active
learning moments

Help learners to capture and reflect on learning experiences, wherever they occur.
Project-based learning

Project-based learning with Moments

Highly intuitve tool to support student projects for learning and assessment.

Put reflection at the heart of your course

Reflecting on learning experiences is at the heart of experiential learning design.
Forms are a fast and simple way in Potentially to add reflection tasks to any learning activity.

‘Moments’ - Capture learning as it occurs

The Moments button opens a dialogue that allows learners to quickly capture thoughts or a source of learning, whether this is a blog article they’ve read, a youtube video they’ve seen, an event they attended or an experience in the work place.
Moments are collected in a learner’s ‘Folio’, their own personal learning space. Students can organise their Moments into public showcases, as well as add them to reflection tasks as part of assignment.
Learn more about folio here.

Combining structured and free-form reflection with Logs

(Time) Logs allow instructors to bring structured and free- form reflection together for rewarding and innovative as- signments.

Logs and Time Logs
Ideal for tasks requiring learners to submit the same form multiple times, for example to evidence a set number of volunteering, CPD or placement hours. Explore this topic further by learning how to use frameworks in

Embedding Moments into Logs
Ideal for asking learners to submit free-form evidence towards meeting CPD/learning targets, demonstrating skills or graduate attribute development. Visual track-
er always make it clear to the student what evidence still needs to be submitted.

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