otentially goes far beyond being solely a Learning Management System or a learning platform for business. We have created a viable and tested employability ecosystem that interlinks relevant parties with one mission: Empowering #Potential.

In this article, we want to discuss how Potentially’s learning platform and functionality helps businesses. 

Particularly, we’ll discuss the platform’s impact on how companies achieve the following:

  1. Attracting talent & enhancing their employability development simultaneously 
  1. Showcasing your innovation, whether a product or service, to a network of verified students, who can only access the Potentially platform via their university/college or other educational institutions. 

Potential.ly is a digital experience platform that is creating an employability ecosystem consisting of students, educators, careers services and enterprises. 

  • Attracting talent & enhancing their employability development simultaneously 

Theoretically, as a large organisation, you likely have some degree of employability and training resources for prospective employees. By this, we are also referring to activities such as sponsoring and/or taking part in on-campus careers fairs and events for promoting graduate schemes. 

Whilst an approach such as the aforementioned may be effective in promoting your company as an employer, they indeed do come with their limitations.For instance, a specific graduate scheme that you are promoting on a university campus in a careers fair may involve working with certain tools, systems, products, or a combination of the latter. The issue with the traditional approach of reaching students as prospective employees via the latter is that you cannot portray a complete picture of your organisation, including the specifics of the roles. 

Our experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how unpredictable life may be. Moreover, it has reinstated the significance of sufficient technological innovations during such unprecedented times. Thus, Potentially is a tool that assists organisations to become business and COVID resilient. Furthermore, the majority of employee training is provided after a graduate has been hired, which is another issue, costing companies time and money. 

The Potentially platform addresses both of these issues. Our e-learning platform for businesses enables them to create content around their innovation. Our approach enables you to achieve exposure that you would get through conventional means of reaching students. But the key point is that that you are helping them enhance their employability, and thus adding value as you reach students.

Ultimately, our psychometrics-based e-learning platform enables your business to build an engaged and targeted potential user audience. 

  • Showcasing your innovation, whether a product or service, to a network of verified students

Let’s look at the most conventional forms of digital brand promotion, out of which we’ll primarily look at social media and paid advertising such as Google Pay-per-Click (PPC). 

Whilst we acknowledge that such means of reaching potential future users or customers are entirely inefficient. Nevertheless, these methods are likely to lead to a considerable number of irrelevant, or worse uninterested, audiences. Therefore, if you seek to reach students and young people, your primary method of advertising is through events such as careers fairs, which are highly targeted. However, as discussed before, they come with their limitations. 

Potential.ly is facilitating an online platform and foundation for companies to reach students in a targeted framework. We seek to enable companies to achieve the recognition that they deserve for their innovation. Our core belief is that the best processes are those that benefit both parties. Potentially enables companies to showcase their technology whilst doing good & enhancing student employability.

If you would like to find out more about Potentially's enterprise scheme, visit our Enterprise Partner Page or get in touch with us today.

November 15, 2021

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