s a company, depending on your industry, it can more or less be argued that your brand promotion and marketing will either make or break your business.In our digital world, the rapid advancements in technology within the field of marketing has undoubtedly facilitated access to better, sophisticated and efficient tools for companies to reach their target audience.

Examples of such advancements include digital marketing tools such as Canva or third party tools for your SEO agenda such as SEMRush. One can argue that such tools are essential to your digital marketing strategy’s existence.

However, despite the positive results of such technological progressions, there is a flip side. This means that more companies, just like yours including your competitors, have access to these tools as well. Thus, this forces companies to adopt a strategy of continuous innovation in their digital marketing, which can often exhaust their resources, leading many SMEs to cease to exist or greatly limit their scope of operations.

As an education company that places community and value at the forefront of its operations and business philosophy, Potential.ly seeks to address the latter problem once and for all.

Now before we go on to tell you the brilliant news, let us tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do.

What is Potentially?

Potentially is an innovative EdTech company working with universities and companies. We help universities enhance their students’ employability on an unprecedented scale, using our digital experience platform.

For companies, we facilitate a disruptive new model of promoting their brand whilst enabling them to create value and become a part of our mission in empowering employability, self-development and potential.

So, how does it work?

It’s pretty simple (we promise!). Let’s say, your company wishes to become a partner in our platform.

The main way you will promote your brand to our audience of 500,000 new students annually via the Potential.ly platform is through creating content (once we’re over the initial bits).

The objective of your content is to enhance your audience’s employability and knowledge (in this case university students). For instance, you may be a technology company that is providing a design tool for bloggers with limited skills. In this case, your content can revolve around how to use your product.

This will: A) promote your brand to a genuine and interested target audience and B) help your company create value as it promotes itself.

How is Potentially disrupting brand promotion and marketing?

  1. Value-based brand promotion

As stated earlier in this article, the vast technological advancements in (digital) marketing demand companies to dedicate and exhaust a significant amount of their resources in adopting creative brand promotion strategies.

At Potential.ly, we are addressing this issue by enabling companies to create value and promote their brand simultaneously.

We believe that fair competition is where all businesses have equal access to a platform where they can promote themselves and their innovation. We believe that creating value based on your knowledge and/or innovation is far more efficient in attracting and retaining a loyal customer base.

By becoming a part of our employability ecosystem, you are promoting your brand whilst doing good as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility.

  1. Genuine & verified user audience / our network of careers services

Many modern brand promotion and advertising tools can result in marketing campaigns that attract irrelevant leads/users.

For instance, Google or Facebook Ads may attract leads that convert into users later on; nonetheless, you are likely to waste time and resources on vetting and verifying leads.

One of the unique selling points of Potentially is the fact that all the students on our platform are genuine and verified university students and learners as they can only access the Potentially platform via their educational institutions.

  1. Working with an established and acknowledged company (us)

Ever heard of the saying “your network is your net worth”? Well, it is actually highly relevant in the case of marketing.

Aligning your brand with well-established and recognised organisations is a key factor in creating the most important element for your customers: trust.

We’re a humble bunch but we believe that we have come a long way and are offering a platform, and an opportunity, that is really proposing a unique value to all the parties who shape our employability ecosystem.

In addition to our values, our wonderful team and the brilliant institutions and companies that we work with, our non-profit project, Classof2020, work has also gained recognition from the following:

November 15, 2021

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