tudent engagement is a priority in every career departments’ agenda. And that’s not a surprise, as engagement is integral to a successful learning strategy.

Subsequently, low student engagement is an issue that the majority of career services have experienced. It’s an issue that poses significant long-term challenges for learners, and educators alike.

We firstly want to highlight why engagement matters, its core elements, and how the Potential.ly digital experience platform is disrupting student engagement.

What is student engagement in online learning?

First of all, what even is student engagement? Whilst academic and other forms of literature investigating that question is vast, we’ll start with a relatively straightforward one. Student engagement is defined as the extent of enthusiasm, curiosity and passion that a learner exhibits in their learning process. Alternatively, the term may also apply to educators, in defining their learning procedures and the efficacy of the latter

As an education technology (EdTech) company, we’re naturally more inclined towards online learning and engagement strategies surrounding the aforementioned for educators and course creators. For this reason, we identified the work of Martin & Bolliger (2018) to be highly valuable, building on the work of Moore.

Moore (1993) identifies the following as the core elements of learner engagement in online learning:

  1. Learner-to-learner interaction: crucial for preventing isolation & learning becoming mundane
  2. Learner-to-instructor interaction: harmony and joint effort between the learner and instructor directly correlates with higher student engagement and improved learning outcomes (King, 2014)
  3. Learner-to-content interaction: this refers to the interlink between the learner and the the learning material/content.

Why learner engagement matters?

With the rapid and continous growth of online learning, high student engagement is integral to achieving successful learning outcomes. Learner engagement is fundamentally important in any learning environment/strategy. Its significance is manifested not only in achieving the desired learning outcomes, but also in the context of student well-being. One of the most important aspect of student engagement is enhancing learner motivation and its contribution to reducing isolation and promoting psychological well-being.

How is Potentially disrupting e-learning for educators?

As previously stated, the elearning sector has witnessed a dramatic progressive pattern. We believe that the post-pandemic world will accelerate the latter. Such advancements are likely to pose their challenges as well, especially for educators and other course creators.

Potentially’s innovative digital experience platform enables educators to maximise learner engagement. Below are just some of the platform features that enable careers services and educators to engage their students:

  1. User-friendly course creator: our platform functions on a stand-alone basis; alternatively, it can be integrated into your existing Learing Management System (LMS). Create engaging and interesting learning content with minimal design skills/experience
  2. Comprehensive Digital Experience Platform: the Potentially platform enables you to build your own Skills Award and take advantage of employability resources whilst tracking and reporting progress.
  3. [pi] Potentially Indicator: our smart tool powered by psychometrics. Building on the scientific Five Factor Model, [pi] helps students understand their Core, Comfort and Stretch traits, team role preferences and Jungian type - all from a single questionnaire.

November 5, 2021
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