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The UK's Digital Skills Gap: Future Outlook & Potentially's Solution

The issue of the UK’s digital skills gap is certainly not a novel phenomenon, given the rapid technological advancements across almost every industry in the world. Aside from being an ongoing problem in terms of the existing solutions’ practicality, the digital skills gap results in annual losses within the range of billions for the UK economy.
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What is Student Engagement and Why Does it Matter?

Student engagement is integral to online learning and delivering a successful learning program
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Online Learning is Here to Stay

The future of online learning is not certain, but it seems to be the most popular choice for businesses and students alike.
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Your Guide to Creating Memorable Online Learning

Learn how to make your learning materials more enjoyable and the the importance of keeping your content short, simple and interesting
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How to Upskill 10,000s of Academics and Students in Digital Skills is proud to help Jisc with upskilling the UK Further and Higher Education sector

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