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Metaverse Jobs [Remote]: 10 New Job Opportunities in the Metaverse—and How to Get Them

Interested in a metaverse job? Companies are now hiring for roles that’ll continue to develop in the future. Whether you want to further a remote career in blockchain, become an engineer or UI designer, or a community manager—we’ll take a look at the skills you’ll need to succeed.
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The link between Employability and Entrepreneurship

Employability and entrepreneurship are more interlinked than ever, mainly as a result of the recent global technological developments.

The UK's Digital Skills Gap: Future Outlook & Potentially's Solution

The issue of the UK’s digital skills gap is certainly not a novel phenomenon, given the rapid technological advancements across almost every industry in the world. Aside from being an ongoing problem in terms of the existing solutions’ practicality, the digital skills gap results in annual losses within the range of billions for the UK economy.
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Transitioning Online: Careers Services Programmes and Award Initiatives

For busy career professionals planning ahead and moving online
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Making Students Future-Ready

In a fast changing environment, Career Readiness has emerged as the answer to how we can equip students for the lifelong learning workplace.
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What is Career Readiness?

What exactly is career readiness and how can it provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to obtain a good paying job.
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How to Use the NACE Competency Framework for Your University

This guide will show you how to implement the NACE competency framework for your University in order to create an aligned curriculum and increase student success!

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