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Jessica Barrett: Part 2

The concept of a ‘Covid Calendar’ is a list of everything you’ve done in lockdown to aid your professional development or secure a job. In the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s really important that those who are applying for work experience or jobs keep a cool head and are organised.

Jessica Barrett: Log On and Learn

Work experience and internships are known to boost graduates when they embark on their career journeys.

INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE: The Naked Student Podcast

Meet Luke Wolstenholme, Founder and Creator of The Naked Student podcast.

Joe Williams: Going Freelance

The term ‘freelance’ still invokes a sense of dread in a lot of people. They hear it and imagine either a crack team of mercenaries who kill for the highest bidder, or a shabby, poorly-paid journalist who can’t hold down a day job.

Universal Credit — A Quick Guide

One of the upsides of the 2020 pandemic has been the availability and subsequent de-stigmatisation of Universal Credit and income benefits.

Mary Ely: ‘Change — the secret to thriving in our crazy world!’

Chameleons. Pretty funky looking animals and brilliant at change! Instantly and instinctively changing the appearance of their skin when they sense a change in their environment. Their survival depends on it.


Meet the girls behind the Gen Z startup lilbunzine: unleashing their latest project, The Friend Zone Zine: Amber, Laura and Roxy. A powerhouse trio who started a community project to raise awareness and donate proceeds to The Trevor Project, a charity organisation dedicated to suicide prevention in the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Results Day Fiasco: What’s Next for Class of 2020?

If you don’t start a Uni course in September there is the chance instead to look for other opportunities to boost your skills and CV!

The R-Word: A Brief Breakdown

We may not be out of the woods yet, but we can just about see through the branches.

Recruitment Drives Opening Up the Public Sector

With the new Census set to take place next year, the Office for National Statistics is set to open recruitment, offering 30,000 jobs across England and Wales

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