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The UK's Digital Skills Gap: Future Outlook & Potentially's Solution

The issue of the UK’s digital skills gap is certainly not a novel phenomenon, given the rapid technological advancements across almost every industry in the world. Aside from being an ongoing problem in terms of the existing solutions’ practicality, the digital skills gap results in annual losses within the range of billions for the UK economy.
Career Services

Making Students Future-Ready

In a fast changing environment, Career Readiness has emerged as the answer to how we can equip students for the lifelong learning workplace.
Career Services

What is Career Readiness?

What exactly is career readiness and how can it provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to obtain a good paying job.
Learning & Teaching

Introduction to Learning Portfolios

This is an article for teachers new to learning portfolios, as well as those already using them.
Learning & Teaching

5 Must-Haves For Your Organisation's Learning Material

To ensure an effective learning strategy is in place, consider these must-haves for your organisation.

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